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Salaam. We are Palestine Community Foundation. A non-governmental organisation aimed at Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike; promoting Palestinian culture, advocating for justice and building a sense of community around Palestine in the UK.

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Who We Are

We were established in 2018 when our co-founder Razan Shamallakh decided there was a need for better cohesion among the British Palestinian diaspora.

Together with Rajab Shamallakh, chairman of the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK (APC UK), and a small team of dedicated people, Palestine Community Foundation was born.

Rajab felt a responsibility to fulfil more than merely the title role as chairman and wanted to turn his unique position into an opportunity to create change. Inspired by his memories of his student days in 1980s London, when the Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) office doubled up as a space to organise, meet fellow diaspora and create meaningful action, we hope through PCF to replicate this sense of feeling and purpose for a new generation.

Culture and Community

There are a huge number of organisations, large and small, working on the Palestinian cause. We want to support all of their amazing work by building a stronger community around Palestine. We will bring people in the UK from all walks of life together under the Palestinian flag.

This is regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture or gender; whether you’re a well-versed activist or an individual wishing to educate themselves further on Palestinian issues.

We will promote knowledge and awareness of Palestine, from information on human rights violations to the lyrics of traditional folk songs. Because both things are core to the Palestinian story.

We believe that peace can only be achieved through justice, and justice can only be achieved through understanding.

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