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Student Advocates for Palestine (SAP)

What is SAP?

Student Advocates for Palestine

Student Advocates for Palestine seeks to provide support and potential for collaboration for university societies across the UK. The Palestinian cause has a long and proud history of international student solidarity, and often student groups push the boundaries for imaginative and creative campaigning. Student groups are a key pillar of the Palestinian community in the UK, working on the front line confronting new challenges in the fight to defend Palestinians around the world and foster solidarity. But for what they have in energy, enthusiasm and innovation, student groups often lack in resources, time and funding. This is where SAP comes in.

Part of a UK Palestine society or looking to establish one?

SAP is here to offer you support where you see fit. We have no interest in telling your society how to operate or what to do, only to offer our resources and ideas where you see fit to apply them.

Student Palestine groups across the UK vary substantially in size, resources and ambition, and so we want to tailor our help to what best suits you. You may be an individual who wants support setting up a society, you may be a modest group which requires information resource packs and support setting up events, or perhaps a well-established society which simply wants funding towards an upcoming event. It’s up to you and we are here to help.

There are currently active student led Palestine-focused societies across 49 UK universities. This is a wonderful figure but with just over 100 universities in the UK, we want to see one at every UK institution.

Organisation and coordination are crucial attributes for any effective campaigning. We want to connect societies across the UK in person, online and in their endeavours. Look out for our first SAP event where students will be invited for a special evening of celebration for all things Palestine to help foster relationships which will facilitate the sharing of ideas and inspire collaboration.

“SAP got hold of the movie ‘Naila and the Uprising’ which we had been trying to get hands on for ages. The fast process gave me an impression that PCF is super dedicated to the Palestinian cause, and that they are effective and organized.” – Elin Ek, Aberdeen University Palestine Society

Supporting a ‘Show of Solidarity’ on campus with the UCLan’s Friends of Palestine Society.

Ideas for your Pal Soc

Throw a Party against Apartheid

Go beyond a Eurovision boycott and host an alternative event on campus the same night, celebrating Palestinian food, music and culture. Get in touch for assistance planning your Palovision.

Screen Naila

We are very pleased to offer students the chance to bring Naila to your university.

We have obtained the rights from Just Vision to host screenings of the award winning film Naila and the Uprising. Get in touch with to arrange a screening.