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Tatreez is the Arabic word for embroidery, a craft woven deep into Palestinian culture.

For centuries, Palestinian women have traditionally got together to embroider fabulous clothing and art using this technique passed down in succession from mother to daughter. The pieces have typically reflected the beauty of rural Palestinian lifestyle, with patterns inspired by ancient mythology and the natural landscape. Whilst the intricate patterns and designs are often complex works of art in themselves illuminating the culture from the millennia-old lands of Palestine, Palestinian women have also historically used this means of creative expression to display their individual abilities and document their own thoughts and feelings. Since 1948 Palestinian women have communicated their personal protest to violence and foreign occupation through this medium, adding another dimension to the importance of the craft.

 See our Fact Sheet on embroidery in Palestine.

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The items we currently have for sale were either handcrafted by two Palestinian women living in the diaspora in Egypt, or by women part of the Women in Hebron collective.

In purchasing these women’s labours of love, you are helping to support their livelihoods and supporting a longstanding Palestinian craft and tradition to continue to flourish.