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Support Us

Thank you for considering making a donation to Palestine Community Foundation!

We are funded by individuals and as a small NGO we are grateful for any donations towards our running costs.

Your donation could be spent on:

  • Design and printing costs of our resources, which include Fact Sheets for university societies, stickers promoting Palestinian culture and doubled sided coasters drawing attention to breaches of international law (random, we know, but effective!).
  • Towards our projects, such as travel costs for the teenagers partaking in Bethlehem Link, the shipping costs of embroidery products we sell or subsidising the cost of our educational visit to Palestine for Just Cycle participants.
  • Towards our events, such as venue hire for a community iftar during Ramadan or a public performance of teenage dabke dancers visiting from Bethlehem.
  • Office running costs

If you are willing to support us with a financial donation, we are very grateful.

Our bank details are below. You can also donate securely via Paypal here.

Alternatively, you can make out a cheque toย Palestine Community Foundationย and post it to:ย PCF, PO Box 74650, London W6 6LD

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