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Bethlehem Link

Bethlehem Link is a cultural exchange programme bringing together teenagers from Bethlehem and Britain, established some twenty years ago by Nina Bevan.

In 2019, Bethlehem Link was revived under the banner of PCF.

The Hakaya dancing group, from the Ghirass Centre in Bethlehem, came to the UK for a fortnight. They performed everywhere from London’s Southbank to the Grenfell Tower, and toured a range of schools, from Westonbirt Girls’ School where they boarded for a week, to London primary schools including St Ann’s school for special needs and Stanhope Primary in Ealing.

Hakaya’s performance at Westonbirt:

Journalist Aina Khan reports on Hakaya at Grenfell Tower

For the first time this year, the young Palestinians stayed in host homes from the Palestinian diaspora, allowing the young people to share with one another their different experiences of being Palestinian, as well as ensuring the teenagers feel comfortable in a home away from home. With so many British Palestinians facing obstacles to visiting Palestine today, it is also an exciting opportunity to bring Palestine to them.

Bethlehem Link is a non-political partnership. Its power lies in allowing young people to share their cultures, forge friendships and form their own opinions, based on their individual experiences. We are thrilled that some of our past students remain in contact as adults, some twenty years later!

It is an excellent opportunity to promote a positive image of Palestinians, undermining the all too often negative or clichΓ©d ones portrayed in the UK media.

Some photos and cuttings from past incarnations of Bethlehem Link: