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Women in Hebron: Supporting Livelihoods & Resisting Settler Violence


Venue: The JCR, Ground Floor at SOAS University of London (WC1H)Β  | See event on Facebook

Since 2005, Women in Hebron has been supporting the livelihoods of hundreds of Palestinian women from the Hebron district, and sharing their stories through their handiwork.

We are lucky to have the chance to host sisters Nawal and Laila from the charity, and hear directly about their work supporting local women to support their families.

Nawal and Laila are from a small village in south Hebron. Well-known in the area, they rent a small shop in the heart of the Old City where they sell embroidery made by women from villages. Though they’ve had the shop for years, their trade is suffering due to pressure from settlers to force them to leave shop.

Very tragically, Nawal’s husband, who himself had travelled to the UK to give talks, was killed by Israeli settlers one year ago.

Trips abroad are vital opportunities to sell the embroidery products and maintain the livelihoods of the women. We encourage you to bring cash along in case anything takes your fancy, take a look at the bags, purses and more on their website to get a taste of the beautiful handmade products.

Date: October 23, 2019
End Date: October 23, 2019