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Mariam Abu Daqqa

Mariam Riad Abu Daqqa is a press photographer from the Gaza Strip. See a selection of her photography below, just click to enlarge. If you would like to purchase an image without a watermark, please contact Mariam directly to arrange.

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27 June. Palestinian women from the east of Khan Yunis are working in agriculture due to the poor economic conditions in the southern Gaza Strip

27 June. Wafa Ghandour, 28 years old, from Khan Yunis, has been creative in many areas, using painting, charcoal, glue, glitter, pop art and mandala, along with the use of the single line in drawings. She started her practice in late 2017 and focuses on national figures.

27 June. A people’s march in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, rejecting the deal of the century and the Manama workshop.

18 June. Amer Abdel Ghafour, 34, is from the city of Khan Yunis. He has a shop for spices and has been preparing dukkah and za’atar since he was 14 years old. These are popular Palestinian spices, eaten by the rich and poor since ancient times.

10 May. Another Friday, another bout of confrontations on the eastern border of the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Suhaib Al-Jarihan (33 years old) undertakes his first harvest without his leg.

Along with his sister, Nazihah Qudeih (38 years), from Khan Younis, they work in agriculture and here are harvesting wheat, despite having to have a limb amputated following injury on the return marches.

Suhaib now faces difficulties working, with severe pain when using the artificial limb during harvest, forcing him to remove it during work.

Marwan Abdul Rahim Shahwan has run an archaeological museum in Khan Younis for 35 years, containing relics as old as 4000 years. These pieces were collected inside the Gaza Strip and date back to the Ottoman, British and Mamluk periods.

A Palestinian minor was killed and at least 66 Palestinians were shot and injured with live ammunition during another week of protest at the security fence (19 April 2019).

Palestinian women preparing freekeh in the southern Gaza strip during the wheat harvest season.

53rd week of Great March of Return protests

Latest photography, Palestine Children’s Day 2019:

Rawa Al-Najjar, 22, is the first girl to open a flower nursery, located east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Latest photography, January 2019:

Latest photography, added 13 December 2018:

Latest photography, added 15 November 2018:

Taken 9 November 2018, the 33rd week of protests in Gaza since Land Day