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Sanad Abu Latifa

Sanad Abu Latifa is a 22 year old freelance journalist from Gaza City. “My favourite photography is the depiction of human stories, human images and the portrayal of wars and hot events in Palestine. My wish is to travel outside Palestine to search for new humanitarian stories all over the world.”

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Meet Sanad:

A young man stands on his cart loaded with strawberries and puts a red balloon in the middle of the streets of Gaza City.

Latest from Sanad, 20 Feb: A girl among a herd of sheep, east of Gaza City at sunset.

Latest from Sanad: Intimate portraits of Nicolae Najib Terzi at work. Nicolae is 60 years old and has worked for forty years in manufacturing and welding Dahab (gold) and silver. He trained in the profession in Italy aged 24.

(February 2019) Sanad shares his latest pictures, describing spending time in a very marginalised area of Gaza, which he tells us he entered by coincidence with an organisation distributing food. “They were very happy and screaming. The food came. I was sad. I took these pictures very sadly.”

Latest from Sanad, January 2019. Pictures of the funeral of the martyr Ehab Abed al – Dee, who was martyred east of the city of Rafah during the participation in the march of peaceful return east of Gaza City.

Latest from Sanad, December 2018: Santa Claus visits children in Gaza, wishing them a new year full of love and peace.

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